Ghee is a premium cooking oil–the good fat–and is incredibly stimulating for the senses. The golden color is visually stunning, it’s boldly fragrant, feels silky smooth, and tastes caramel-nutty delicious. Not only is ghee an essential part of a balanced Ayurvedic diet, but it is considered a sacred and Nurtured symbol of nourishment, healing, and…

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Desi Ghee Facts And Truth :

Desi Ghee Facts And Truth

  Homemade desi ghee is made by cooking unsalted butter until the solid non-fat component of milk separates from the saturated fat. Specialist say this form of saturated fat is better than store-bought butter, which is high in salt and preservatives, as well as refined vegetable oil or dalda, which contains harmful trans fats. Now…

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Is ghee good for acne :

Is ghee good for acne?

  When it comes to dairy, there are a some important reasons why it’s so bad for those prone to acne. Dairy products consist of three major components: fat, proteins and milk sugar. Unfortunately, some studies are proving that two out of these three components are responsible for some cases of acne. The two acne…

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Desi Cow Ghee Lower Cholesterol :

Desi Cow Ghee Lower Cholesterol?

  Cow Ghee is quite a wondrous fat, that actually improves the ratio of HDL (high-density lipoprotein, or “good” cholesterol) to LDL (low-density lipoprotein, or “bad” cholesterol) in your body. When you consume desi cow ghee, in moderation, of course, you increase your body’s ability to get rid of the bad cholesterol. It’s no surprise…

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