Desi Cow Ghee vs Royal Ghee

Desi Cow Ghee vs Royal Ghee- Ghee is widely used in ayurveda system of medicine as mediums to administer herbal preparations. Herbs, pastes of herbs or decoction of herbs are infused in ghee and after administered to patients after diagnosing the conditions and diseases. Now the question is – Where can I buy Desi Cow Ghee? Buy ghee online at our online store. Visit our website to know more.

Desi Cow’s ghee has following properties:

  • It increases intelligence
  • Helps in enhancing memory power
  • Increases quality and quantity of semen
  • Rejuvenates the skin from inside and enhance its glow
  • Boosts body energy
  • Detoxifies body
  • Normalizes vata (Imbalance of vata causes diseases)
  • Increases clarity of voice
  • Normalizes pitta
  • Nourishes the body
  • Improves digestion and increases body fire
  • It is very effective in disorders of eye
  • Acts as a good Rasayana
  • It is the best form of fat

Buffalo’s ghee has following properties:

  • Strengthens the body
  • Makes you feel healthy
  • Increases fairness and glow of skin
  • Normalizes kapha and vata
  • It is very effective in piles (hemorrhoids), IBS
  • It is used in disorders of eye

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Among these two, desi ghee prepared out of cow’s milk is considered to have more medicinal properties. Freshly prepared ghee is very effective and useful.

Desi Cow ghee which has been kept for 10 years is called as “PURANA GHRITA”. It is widely used in treating epilepsy and neurological disorders.

Desi cow ghee which has been stored for more than 100 years is called as “KUMBHA SARPI”. Desi ghee which is stored more than 100 years is called as “MAHAGHRITA”. Maha Ghrita is used in chronic cough and disorders of eye,

The ghee should not be administered in tuberculosis, upper respiratory tract infections and bronchitis when mucous secretion is more, indigestion, constipation, fever and diabetes.

Ghee and cholesterol

Indian country Desi Cow Ghee reduces cholesterol, does not build it. This is an experience on several Cardiovascular-Disease (CVD) patients. One of them very recently completed 21 kilometer Marathon non-stop in Mumbai, in a slow jogging mood and is now considering going to Himalayan Treks. Cow ghee is also used in Cancer Camps, where all types of secondary cancer patients are being treated by PanchaGavya medicines.

Of course the ability of desi ghee in reducing cholesterol may differ depending on the type of cow and her diet. In some Gaushalas experiments are in progress to study correlation between cow diet and resulting PanchaGavya medicines. Different cow breeds have slightly different properties.

In ayurveda, Many medicines are prepared by boiling butter along with fresh herbs/herbal powders/extracts since ghee squeezes out all the medicinal properties of herbs, almost equivalent to taking the fresh juice of the herb.
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Ghee dose should typically be 1-2 tsp. in every meal, unless directed otherwise by physician.

Buffalo Milk Cow Milk
Properties 100% more fat content than cow’s milk; preserved for longer time Low in fat compared buffalo milk; preserved for less time.
Nutrition Buffalo milk is rich in calcium, and is a good source of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Cow’s milk is rich in calcium, proteins and good source of vitamins. It is also an excellent source of calcium.
Health benefits Less cholesterol, more fat, more calories. It is good for healthy bones, cardiovascular health, and weight gain. More cholesterol; less fat, fewer calories. It is beneficial for healthy bones, reducing obesity in children, dental health, protection from thyroid problems and cardiovascular health.

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Medicinal use of cow ghee

Desi Cow Ghee utilized in Ayurveda, used for numerous medical applications, including the treatment of allergy, skin and respiratory diseases. Desi Ghee is also known to retard the undesirable effects of drugs besides cancelling the effect of toxins in the body. However, Cow Desi ghee has to be used in its optimal volume and form in order to increase the efficacy of the Ayurvedic preparations. Most desi ghee based formulations in Ayurveda are aimed at treating ailments related to the nervous system, digestive system and for psychological ailments too. As per Ayurveda Desi cow ghee is very much beneficial to human beings It loosen up and liquefy toxins and pacify humors (Doshas) in the skin and blood (called the outer disease pathway). It opens the small channels for dislodging and removing heavy toxins substance. Thus, toxins begin to drain from deeper tissues and start to flow in the gastrointestinal tract for elimination. It also lubricates and wets  the membranes and tissues. It protects tissues from damage, helps in the proper flowing of wastes and toxins from the body. People with a strong digestive power can use more desi ghee than those with a weak digestive system. According to Ayurveda the colon is related to all other organs and tissues. When the colon is cleansed and toned successfully, the entire body receives treatment and rejuvenation. The colon is the main organ through which the body absorbs nutrients Hereby, a proper functioning colon is imperative for efficient assimilation of nutrients.

Cow Ghee benefits are mentioned in the Ayurveda

  • it imparts the benefits of the best essential fatty acids without the problems of oxidized cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, trans-fatty acids.
  • Desi cow ghee also resistant to free radical damage and is both salt and lactose free. Desi ghee contains butyric acid, a fatty acid with antiviral and anti-cancer properties.
  • The Ayurvedic texts say that desi cow ghee lubricates the digestive system and improves the digestive power because it helps enhance digestion without irritating the stomach and balance the stomach acids to maintain and repair the mucus lining of stomach.
  • Cow ghee Helps proper digestion and nutrient assimilation. People who are lactose intolerant can generally consume Desi cow ghee.
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