Desi Cow Ghee During Pregnancy: Does It Help In Having A Normal Delivery?

Ghee is one of the healthy foods that your mom, grandmother or aunt expects you to eat during pregnancy. Ghee, which is the Indian name for clarified butter, is an excellent source of fat and is often included in the diet of a pregnant woman. But how much ghee is safe during pregnancy?

Here, We tell you if you can eat ghee when you are pregnant, how much you can eat and how to consume it to avoid excess fat.

Some questions arise while we think of including ghee in our diet during pregnancy:

  • Is ghee safe during pregnancy?
  • Can you eat ghee during early pregnancy?
  • Is desi ghee good for pregnancy?
  • Benefits of drinking milk with ghee during pregnancy
  • How about ghee consumption during the third trimester?
  • What are the ghee benefits in pregnancy?
  • What are the side effects of consuming ghee during pregnancy?
  • How much ghee can you take during pregnancy?
  • How can you add ghee in your pregnancy diet?
  • What is the importance of desi cow ghee in Ayurveda during pregnancy?

Is Ghee Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to eat a moderate amount of ghee every day when you are pregnant. Unlike other dairy products, ghee is easier to digest and boosts metabolism.

Since it is a healthy source of fat, ghee is often used as a substitute for butter and oil.

It is a known fact that a balanced diet and nutrition is most important in pregnancy and fats are an integral part of a balanced diet. Ghee is a source of fats and hereby, can be included in the diet of a pregnant woman. You can add milk with ghee in pregnancy. However, check with your doctor before adding too much ghee to your diet.

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Can You Eat Desi Cow Ghee During Early Pregnancy?

Yes. You can eat ghee throughout your pregnancy, right from the early stages till the end. But if weight is a concern, you should be cautious about its consumption.

How About Desi Cow Ghee Consumption During Third Trimester?

Ghee has laxative properties and is believed to induce labor. When desi cow ghee is consumed in the third trimester. Ghee is also believed to lubricate the vagina, due to which helps smooth delivery by drinking ghee in 9th month of pregnancy.

Even so, ghee is considered to be a healthy source of fat that you and your baby can benefit from.

How Much Desi Cow Ghee Can You Take During Pregnancy?

You can include about two to three teaspoons of ghee during pregnancy. The medical recommendation of fat is six tablespoons per day, out of which you can include 10 to 12% saturated fats such as ghee.


Benefits Of Drinking Milk With Ghee During Pregnancy

  • Ghee in milk during pregnancy provides for extra nutrition and calories to the mother and her unborn child.
  • Drinking milk and ghee in pregnancy help the birthing process by lubricating the vagina.
  • Drinking Ghee with milk in pregnancy boost immunity, promote a safe delivery and brain health of the baby.

Ghee Benefits In Pregnancy

Ghee contains reasonable amounts of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is believed to offer the following benefits during pregnancy, but most of these lack scientific support.

  • Helps baby development: You will require about 300 extra calories per day during your second and third trimesters, for your baby’s development. Ghee can helps in the baby’s growth and their brain development.
  • Treats digestive issues: Ghee has anti-viral properties and plays a crucial role in keeping the digestive system healthy. It contains high amounts of a fatty acid called butyrate that plays a role in gut health.
  • Nurtures the body: Moderate consumption of ghee gives a feel-good mood and relieves stress. It is one of the natural ways to nourish the body and keep it warm and strong.
  • The Natural Tonic: Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of medicine prescribes the consumption of pure desi cow ghee by pregnant women on a daily basis by mixing it with boiled milk, 1-2 drops of saffron, 2-3 drops of honey and a pinch of turmeric to boost brain health of the fetus and ensures a safe delivery of the baby. It also acts like a brain tonic for the development of kids/infant brain.
  • Natural Stress Reliever: Pregnancy can be a stressful time with all the hormonal imbalances, physical changes, altered metabolism, fear of exhaustion from labor pain, etc. Desi ghee when consumed regularly has been proved to have calming effects on the nerves, reduce stress and induce feel-good hormones in the pregnant women.
  • Regain lost vitality: Ghee is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, during the 9-month pregnancy period a major portion of nutrients are added to fetus’s development and often the mother starts suffering from lack of vitality. A regular dose of desi cow ghee in everyday diet would help restore this lost strength and vitality in the mother. Always, consult your doctor before adding ghee during the pregnancy.

Homemade ghee is always a healthier and better option compared to store-bought ghee. Having ghee for increasing calorie count is fine as long as it does not add to the existing body weight. Avoid ghee if you are overweight as it can complicate your pregnancy.
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What Is The Importance Of Desi Cow Ghee In Ayurveda During Pregnancy?

Desi cow ghee plays a main role in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used as a therapeutic agent for ages.

Ayurveda has determine the consumption of pure cow desi ghee with milk during pregnancy along with saffron (1 to 2 drops), honey (3 to 4 drops) and a little bit of turmeric. This beverage is believed to boost immunity, promote a safe delivery and brain health of the baby.

As long as you are within your healthy weight range and follow a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, there is no harm in adding ghee to your diet. Ghee is known for its many health benefits, so moderate consumption of this fat should be okay. You can try desi cow ghee from You can buy ghee online from our online store.

Is Desi Ghee Good For Pregnancy ?

For pregnant women, there is a necessary to include desi ghee in their diets on a daily basis. 5 to 8 teaspoons of desi ghee is the medical recommendation for fat intake in pregnancy, out of which 10% to 12% from Saturated fats are necessary. Ghee makes smart babies a direct source of Good Cholesterol.

How Can You Include Cow Desi Ghee In Your Pregnancy Diet?

  • As a topping on rice/rotis/parathas preparations.
  • In making of gravies with vegetables.
  • In preparation of desserts such as Ladoos, halwa, kheer etc.
  • Also drink milk and ghee in pregnancy.

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Use Pure Desi Ghee In Diet To Support And Boost Pregnancy

Pure ghee for pregnancy diet is highly recommended by professional dieticians as rich content of pure desi ghee helps a carrying mother in restoring her vitality.

Pregnancy diet is a difficult and highly customized plan because it varies from person to person depending on the age, general health, lifestyle of the carrying mother, etc. Recently, dieticians are prescribing desi ghee in would be mothers diet. Is there any reason to prefer desi cow ghee for pregnancy support? Let’s check here.

Ghee Supplies Nutrition To Mother And Child

Since ages in India and in other Asian countries pure desi cow ghee is offered for would be mothers as well as for married ladies. The diet is not only meant for offering quality foods but also for preparing the body of the would-be-mothers by boosting fertility as well as for seasoning health system for a healthy pregnancy in near future.

Some Advantages of desi cow ghee during pregnancy:

  • Desi Ghee ensures proper care of the fetus in mother’s womb,
  • It promotes lactation in post pregnancy period for nursing mothers.
  • Desi Ghee enhance fertility of a woman by nourishing womb and seeds,
  • Desi Ghee facilitates a healthy pregnancy for the carrying mother,
  • Desi Ghee enhance fertility of a woman by nourishing womb and seeds,



Ghee is one of the best ingredient available in the kitchen and it has multiple benefits to serve during pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is often advised to consume ghee. But not all of us are aware of the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with ghee.

Pregnancy is the time, where elders will continuously advise you about food habits. Yes, pregnancy is the most crucial period of a woman’s life. According to the studies, a female body requires 300 calories extra per day to enrich her baby inside the womb. Well most of us fiddle around the kitchen to opt for the right food. And ‘Ghee’ is one of the topmost food product when it comes to listing the essentials. Ghee is clarified butter which is one of the healthiest sources of fat and is good for the growth of the baby.

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