Desi Cow Ghee : superfood or saturated fat?

Ghee is one of the special superfoods that gives you the best of both worlds: it’s deeply rejuvenating, powerfully health-boosting and has out-of-this-world flavor. It should come as no surprise that it has been honored as a prized food in India for thousands of years. In fact, many Ayurvedic physicians consider ghee to be such a supreme health tonic that it is often recommended, in small doses, as the food given to a newborn child.

Shilpa Shetty is known for her perforated toned body and her ever famous flat belly. In a popular television show, she went on promoting the consumption of Ghee on an everyday basis as she said it is a thinning fat and helps you stay healthy and lose weight faster. She has even promoted the idea of Ghee intake in her fitness book and  acknowledge that it is one of her fitness mantras.  Now the question is – Where can I buy Desi Cow Ghee? Buy ghee online at our online store. Visit our website to know more.

For years and years, all Indians have been gulping the jar of ghee with a huge sense of guilt and disturbance. After all, the time has come when we no more need to turn our faces away from that jar kept on our kitchen shelves if our goals are to become healthier and fit. The desi ghee has made its comeback as a superfood instead of a fattener. Not only are the sales of top Indian Ghee brands rising since the last year but interestingly the NRIs and foreigners too are favoring the transition and hence, are ordering pure cow ghee from India.

We don’t fear fat in household. Indeed coconut oil, olive oil, tallow and butter make regular appearances in our kitchen, but there’s an under-appreciated wholesome fat: ghee. Ghee is pure butterfat in its truest sense. Like many traditional foods, Desi ghee is virtually ubiquitous in cultures that raised cattle for milk. The French brought us clarified butter. The Moroccans contributed taste, a clarified butter that is spiced and aged. And India, of course, brought us ghee.

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The preparation of desi ghee is simple and slow – just as it should be. First butter is slowly boil until the milk solids separate from the pure butterfat and any water contained in the butter evaporates. With the milk solids and water removed, all that is left is a pure golden oil that’s rich in vitamin A. Suresh Desi Ghee offers Premium quality Handmade Desi Cow Milk Pure Ghee, which not only adds flavour to your food but also keeps you fit and healthy. Our Ghee is prepared by following the age-old and time-honored Indian traditional Hand Churned method, called Vedic Process. It becomes all the more Important & Special, as Wooden Pots and Wooden Churner are used in this process.

About 60% of ghee fat content is saturated. That high saturated fat content coupled with the lack of milk solids and water means that ghee is exceptionally well-suited to cooking in a way that mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids just can’t match. It is also rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that offers enormous value in a wholesome diet. Actually, recent research indicates that CLA may be useful in the prevention of and fight against cancers as well as in the mitigation of type II diabetes and associated adipose obesity. It’s good stuff.

Kourtney Kardashian said in an interview that her day starts with a spoonful of ghee and she has replaced butter with pure ghee. She also mentioned in her website that she loves making her French toast and Quesadillas with desi ghee instead of butter now.

Kareena Kapoor was adamant in an interview about her Ghee intake and promoted the consumption of Ghee. She said that she herself consumes Ghee every day in her rice, dal and rotis to stay fit as desi ghee boosts metabolism. She confessed that it is one of her Grandma’s beauty secrets which have now been revealed.

The properties of ghee are constant, provided one is consuming the right kind. Grandmoms routinely recommend it for children and they would not have done so had it been harmful,” says Chef Kunal Kapoor. He talks about how ghee is one of the earliest cooking mediums, dating back thousands of years. Neutral oils are the resultant of what man discovered once he began to cultivate crops. “When cooked in ghee, vegetables taste better,” he says, cautioning that the superfood can also be counterproductive if consumed indiscriminately. Chef kunal says, “Ghee isn’t the culprit, it is our lifestyle and the high amount of ghee we consume that are a problem. Any superfood can go against us, if we do not lead an active life.”

A 2010 review of desi ghee science in the International Quarterly Journal of Research In Ayurveda by scientists from Ohio State noted that animal studies of ghee have found a series of possible benefits, including decreases in cholesterol, triglycerides (which are associated with cardiovascular disease) and low density lipoproteins and a potential link between ghee and lower coronary heart disease risk.

One study in 2016 found that desi ghee was better for cooking than sunflower oil when looking at antioxidants and liver protection, while another study in 2013 found that it helped to protect against the development of fatty deposits in arteries. Many studies in 2015 found that ghee, particularly low-cholesterol ghee, seemed to improve general cholesterol levels. It’s worth noting that actually all of these studies were done on rats, not humans. But the qualities of desi ghee have attracted medical attention for other reasons; it was suggested in early 2017 that ghee might be a good way to administer chemotherapy, because it may help the chemo get into the body more efficiently. You can try desi cow ghee from You can buy ghee online from our online store.
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Ashis Rout, executive chef at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, says one tablespoon of desi ghee should be spread over food throughout the day. “Desi ghee is very filling and adds a special taste to even the most boring foods like khichdi. However, one should spread the use of desi ghee in different food items, like on bread during breakfast, on rotis during lunch and a drop of it in your lentils during dinner,” advises Rout. “Besides being healthy, the tarka (tempering) made using desi ghee adds an aroma and richness to food that is otherwise unattainable if one uses vegetable oils,” he says.

Sheela Seharawat, weight-loss and wellness specialist and founder of the Delhi-based Diet Clinic, nevertheless believes one tablespoon of desi ghee should be included in one’s daily diet as “it moisturizes your body and makes your food, especially the fibre-rich ones, more digestible, while other fats like oils and butter slow down the digestive progression and sit heavy in the stomach”.

Celebrity dietician and author, Rujuta Diwekar, has brought joy to many by giving a superfood tag to ghee. In her book, Rujuta says, “The reason why there are such combos as dal-chawal-ghee, roti-shakar-ghee, puran-poli ghee, modak-ghee etc in our culture is that ghee reduces the glycaemic index of these meals. The magic of desi ghee isn’t just that it’s the world’s most high-functioning fat. It’s also that it is a wonderful partner to other foods, complementing them to work better and harder for us.”

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