Ghee-Vs-Butter-Vs-Cooking-Oils :

Ghee Vs Butter Vs Cooking Oils

Ghee is a type of clarified butter, whereas oil is a sticky, neutral and non-polar substance and butter is a dairy product that contains 80% butterfat. The variation among the food items are based on their ingredients, it’s uses & preparation methods. In South Asia and Middle Eastern countries, food is considered incomplete without ‘ghee’….

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Ghee benefits for hair :

Desi Cow Ghee For Hair Growth, Hair Fall Treatment & Regrowth Benefits

Incorporating Desi Cow Ghee into your regular day to day routine hair care will leave you with shiny, soft and thick locks thanks to its moisturizing quality.Desi Cow Ghee or pure clarified butter, used in ayurveda for centuries, is a simple natural alternative hair-care therapy. Desi Ghee for hair growth is a natural conditioner. Cow…

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Desi Cow Ghee benefits:

Desi Cow Ghee Benefits

Benefits Of Eating Ghee Regularly – Desi Cow Ghee Desi Ghee Is Good For Our Skin Desi ghee does contain antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The fatty acids in ghee encourage deep hydration and make it too driest of skin soft and supple. Use desi ghee mix with warm water, mix well and massage on your…

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