Why cow ghee is the new health food of the moment

It may appear that ghee is currently having a moment in food bloggers’ newsfeeds, but the truth is that ghee has been around for thousands of years and is not just another foodie trend. Ghee has been a staple of Indian cuisine for centuries. Ghee is a type of clarified butter made by heating butter, skimming off the milk solids, and leaving the water to evaporate. What remains is a rich, golden butter fat that is nutritious, easily digestible & flavorsome. The taste of ghee is richer & nuttier than butter, and it has a deep yellow color.

It makes sense that cow ghee is making a name for itself in modern cuisine. Ghee is lactose-free and much lower in cholesterol compared to butter. It is also jam-packed with fat-soluble vitamins A,D, E & K. These have wonderful antioxidant properties, and play an important role in strengthening our immune systems. Cow ghee also contains a unique form of vitamin D that helps with the proper functioning of the synapses in the brain, which are beneficial for mental alertness and memory.

Cow ghee is the new health food of the moment that gives you the best of both worlds: it’s deeply rejuvenating, powerfully health-boosting and has out-of-this-world flavor. It should come as no surprise that it has been honored as a prized food in India for thousands of years. In fact, many Ayurvedic physicians consider cow ghee to be such a supreme health tonic that it is often recommended, in small doses, as the food given to a newborn child.

Cow ghee is a powerhouse of vitamins & fatty acids which promote good health. Cow ghee is an ancient remedy for cough, cold & soft skin, but in the last few years, the credibility of saturated fats like ghee has been in question. There are some people who believe that saturated fats are the bad fats, but a recent research & majority of health experts agree that naturally occurring saturated fats present in ghee are actually good for your health.

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Ghee is great for your gut too

It is high in butyric Acid (butyrate), which is a short chain fatty acid that can reduce inflammation & improve gut health, potentially improving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

You butter swap your spread

Ghee is an easy substitute for butter. Ghee has a higher smoke point than butter, olive oil and coconut oil, which means that it will stay stable at higher temperatures and less likely to oxidise and produce dangerous free radicals. Therefore, it is ideal for cooking, frying or sautés.

It’s packed with properties that fight disease

Ghee is a rich source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is a powerful antioxidant that is anti-inflammatory and protect against cancer & heart disease. Ghee is a rich source of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K.

Get the ghee glow

Ghee is particularly high in Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant vitamin which can aid with immune function, vision and fertility. Vitamin E, also a powerful antioxidant, can help to reduce signs of ageing & promote healthy skin. Not all fat is bad – Ghee makes up part of the good fats that we need for a healthy, wholesome diet

It’s lactose-free

Ghee does not contain the milk solids, it is almost lactose & casein-free, which can make it a better choice for those with intolerances to these than butter. It is made up of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), making it easier to digest. Not only is Ghee great for people with lactose intolerances but it can also help fight gut problems like IBS.

Builds Strong Bones: Cow ghee is one of the few foods that are rich in Vitamins, especially Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 helps the body to utilize essential minerals, including calcium & thus improves bone health and development. Also, the right amount of cow ghee helps eliminate tooth decay. Another function of cow ghee is to keep joints & connective tissues lubricated, increasing flexibility.


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Ghee can be used as a substitution for many cooking oils including vegetable oil, coconut oil or palm oil. Ghee is a saturated fat which is stable for cooking. Some oils like safflower or sunflower, are polyunsaturated fats making them unstable for cooking. Ghee is great to cook and sauté with due to its high heat-stability. Unstable oils will smoke quicker and vegetable oil can even turn rancid if not used at the proper temperatures.

How can I use ghee?

Like the sound of using cow ghee but not too sure how to implement it? Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a tablespoon of cow ghee to make a batch of homemade popcorn. Cow Ghee will tolerate the high temperatures needed to make popcorn successfully.
  • Stir fry some vegetables with some ginger & garlic for a flavour-rich Asian side dish.
  • Try using cow ghee to fry onions and garlic when making an Indian curry the aroma and flavour is amazing! Add vegetables such as spinach & cauliflower along with some Indian spices for a quick, flavoursome vegetarian supper.
  • Cow ghee is ideal for grilling.  It has a high smoke point so it won’t burn like butter would at higher temperatures making it ideal to use when grilling or roasting meat, fish or vegetables
  • Use cow ghee instead of coconut oil or butter to make pancakes.
  • For a delicious garnish, try quick frying a batch of nuts & seeds in ghee and sprinkle over a dip or soup.

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Ghee will remain stable and can be stored for longer periods – up to three months if stored in an airtight container. This is also because the perishable milk solids you’d get in butter have been removed. Plus, its nutty, more intense taste makes it delicious so a little goes a long way when you cook with it (it really does make food taste incredible).

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