How to use ghee for various home remedies

Pure desi cow ghee is the clarified butter which was found in the kitchen, in airtight steel containers all the time. But now they are replaced by packets or small bottles which appear to be attractive and pleasing. If you ask your grandma or mom regarding the home remedies for the different kinds of ailments or sickness, she will give you en-number of remedies with the basic ingredients found in the kitchen and also the herbs grown in their backwards. Before, people did not consult doctors for their ailments at an earlier stage but used home remedies to cure them. But now things have changed and we all are more dependant over tablets and syrups than home remedies. I don’t mean to tell the treatment given by doctors are of no use, but it’s just the fact that you can use various home remedies in order to not fall sick regularly. Taking care of your health on a daily basis by simple methods can cure ailments or problems at an earlier stage without spending much money or time. First let me tell you, what is home remedy?

Home remedy is the medical attention or care that consists of various ingredients like oils, vegetables, spices etc which is easily available. The remedies are passed from one generation to another by their ancestors. Every individual has different perspective regarding the home remedies. Before running to the doctor, few remedies can be very effective for instant first-aid or primary health care and relief. Nowadays, people have started believing the ancient home remedies due to its benefits as it not much costlier than the conventional medicines.

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Let us know about the various practices of home remedies using best desi  ghee, to overcome various ailments. Now the question is- Where to buy best desi ghee? Which is the best ghee to buy? You can buy the best desi  ghee brand which is organic grass fed ghee at our online store. Visit our website  to know more.

Dry throat or dry cough

When you have a sore and dry throat it is because you may be suffering from cold or sinus issues. It is suggested to keep your throat facilitated with pleasing liquids. Drinking at least 2 litres of water everyday can help you to maintain a calm throat without any irritation. But now there are many people who are suffering dry or itchy throat. The reason can be air-pollution. The amount of bad quality air we are breathing is higher than fresh air, which in turn is causing all types of throat related allergies. Pure desi cow ghee here plays an important role in curing dry throat or dry cough as it has a antibacterial property.

Ingredients for home remedy 1 :

  1. Peppercorn
  2. Ghee

Chew a peppercorn and eat a teaspoon of organic cow ghee thereafter. Remember that you should not drink water after having it.

Digestive health

People suffer imbalance in the digestive health. And this happens when the digestive tract does not produce butyric acid. As pure desi cow ghee has the presence of butyric acid it helps in easy digestion of the food. It also increases the release of gastric acids which also eases digestion by the use of organic grass fed ghee.

Ingredients for home remedy 2:

  1. Hot milk
  2. Ghee

Mix 1-2 teaspoon of pure desi cow ghee with  hot milk and drink it before you go to bed.

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Canker sore (mouth ulcers)

Mouth ulcers are the mouth sores. There are various types of mouth ulcers that people suffer. Let me tell you about the common ailment that is canker sore. They are red, small, oval shaped ulcers which causes too much of pain while chewing food,talking,brushing teeth etc. They can be cured by using organic cow ghee due to its cooling effect.

Ingredients for home remedy 3:

  1. Ghee
  2. Water

Apply a little amount of pure desi cow ghee in the region of the ulcer and keep it for sometime(say few minutes). Then rinse your mouth appropriately with water. Repeat this for often and you can see your ulcer shrinking gradually.

Clogged nose

Suffering from cold and clogged nose is always annoying. The headache, running nose, inability to breathe properly and hindrance in the sense of  taste are the various difficulties one has to suffer. Ghee can provide instant relief and help in curing cold and clogged nose. You may be having a question of – which is the best ghee to buy? You can buy the best ghee brand which is pure desi cow ghee at our online store .

Ingredient for home remedy 4:

  1. Ghee

Heat the ghee to lukewarm temperature and pour few drops of it into the nostrils, early in the morning. By doing so the ghee travels all the way to the throat and reduces the infection.

Weight loss

You may be having various diet plans and exercises to lose weight but a simple home remedy can add on to your existing plan and help in losing weight. The presence of Omega-3 and 6 acids and amino acids in organic grass fed ghee  helps in weight loss.

Ingredient for home remedy 5:

  1. Ghee

Add a spoonful of organic cow  ghee in your balanced diet everyday.

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Hair care

Use Ghee for Beauty Regiman :

You will have too many advices for your hair care. Some will tell you to apply hair oil and some will suggest you to condition it. And maybe you will want to consult a hair spa. Before you pick your choice you can try a home remedy using ghee. Use of organic grass fed ghee can hydrate your hair and nourish the scalp as it is rich in fatty acids. Use of ghee for hair can be effective.

Smooth and silky hair

Ingredients for home remedy 6:

  1. Ghee
  2. Olive oil

Make a pack by mixing 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoon of pure desi cow  ghee. Apply the pack all over your hair and wash it after 30 minutes. It results in smooth, silky and shiny hair.

Reduce dandruff

Ingredients for home remedy 7:

  1. Ghee
  2. Lemon juice

Mix best desi ghee with lemon juice and apply it all over your scalp, rub your scalp gently and wash it after sometime. It results in reducing dandruff and also acts as amazing hair lighteners.

Hair growth

Ingredient for home remedy 8:

  1. Ghee

Massage your hair with pure desi cow ghee before you go to bed. Cover your hair with a shower cap or cloth to avoid further mess. Wash your hair in the morning by gently rubbing your scalp and shampoo it later to avoid oily or greasy feeling.  Thus, by doing this regularly you can improve your hair growth.

Skin care

Having a beautiful skin can increase your confidence and also will make you feel beautiful. Beautiful skin does not mean fair complexioned skin. It means that you should have a soft, glowing and healthy skin. You may have thousands of beauty products to enhance your skin care but using simple remedies at home regularly can also help to have a beautiful skin. The organic grass fed ghee is one among them.

Ingredients for home remedy 9:

  1. Gram Flour
  2. Turmeric powder
  3. Ghee
  4. Milk or water

Add 2-3 tablespoons of gram flour, half a tablespoon of turmeric powder, half a tablespoon of pure desi cow ghee and slowly pour milk or water until it becomes a paste. Remember that the paste should neither be too thick nor running, but a normal consistency which stays on your skin like a pack. Apply this pack anywhere on your body and leave it for 20 mins. After it dries wash the region with water. As turmeric has  cucurmin which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Gram flour will and milk will help in cleansing the skin. Whereas, organic cow ghee has all the essential fatty acids which is suitable for all skin types and helps in overcoming dryness. Use of ghee for face can be beneficial. If you are still wondering- which is the best ghee to buy? Then we can help you buy the best ghee brand which is the pure desi cow ghee at our online store .

Ingredients for home remedy 10:

  1. Honey
  2. Raw milk

Mix a tablespoon of ghee and honey with a few drops of raw milk to form a paste. Apply it over your face and neck like a face mask and leave it until it dries. Wash your face with water after it dries.

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Lip care

Dryness and peeling skin on your lips occurs when you don’t take proper care. The skin on our lips is thinner than the other parts of the skin on our body. They have lesser amount of oil glands so are unable to protect themselves from various climatic conditions. So it easily leads to dry and chapped lips if proper care is not taken. By using organic grass fed ghee you can take care of your lips this winter.

Ingredients for home remedy 11:

  1. Ghee

Massage your lips with a drop of pure desi ghee before going to bed. As it absorbs the moisture it will result in obtaining a pink, rosy, soft lips. By repeating this for a few weeks you can also get rid of dark skin or pigmentation.

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Are you still googling or searching for various methods to maintain good health? I think this article has given you handful of home remedies by using pure desi cow ghee  to improve your health as well as ailments. Personal care is also an important me time you can give yourself. There  are many natural remedies in your kitchen which will benefit you without spending much money. Although, you might have heard about the various myths or beliefs of using organic grass fed  ghee, but Ayurveda has proved its importance thousands of years ago. Even modern science has come up with various researches that are in favour of organic cow ghee. You will be satisfied and will not regret by inculcating these home remedies on a regular basis for better result. Use the best desi ghee regularly to get benefits of it. And if you are confused with – which is the best ghee to buy? Visit our website . for the best ghee brand  which is the pure desi cow ghee.

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