What are the effects of adding desi cow ghee in the nose?

Indian’s grow-up with the goodness of golden oil that is desi ghee and we all knows the benefits of ghee if we consume it. However, we do have a wealth of home remedies for a number of aliments using everyday foods that include fruits and vegetables. Naturally, for treating cold, cough and nasal blockages also those are a number of quick home remedies. Some of them involve ghee like sautéing a few garlic cloves in it and eating it warm.  But surprisingly you will be pleased to know that desi ghee is an ingredient which can be benefited even just a little rubbing on your body, and offer almost instant relief.

We will suggest you go for a bit of Ayurvedic doctor advice and supervision. However, if your daily routine should include 2 drops of ghee in both nostrils. When you wake up in the morning, post urination/defecation and an hour before bathing, do one of either practice described all morning. It is called Nasya Treatment in Ayurveda. You can get rid of many problems like:-

1. Depression, stress, insomnia.

2. Headache, weak memory, stress due to mental workload.

3. Fits, snoring.

4. Tiredness in eyes, weak eyesight.

5. Allergy from dust, allergic asthma, excessive sneezing, sinus.

6. Irritability in the throat due to pollution, tonsilitius, throat infections Thyroid, spodilitius.

7. Hair fall, dandruff, dark circles under eyes, dull skin.

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We will tell you about the 10 benefits of pouring 2 drops of native ghee in the nose while sleeping at night. The ghee of the indigenous cow contains such medicinal properties which are not found in anything else. Even in it, there are micronutrients that have the ability to fight cancerous elements. Desi cow ghee is an important means of prevention and environmental purification, with physical, mental and intellectual development. While sleeping every night at night, pouring 2-2 drop cow’s ghee in the nose gives us lots of benefits. Learn more about its advantages in the video below.

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An indication that it’s working for you-you should feel relaxed in the neck muscles, throat and nose feel lubricated & your voice may be more melodious. Your breathing is easy, your sleep is sound & there are mental clarity and lightness in the head.

If you start to experience Kapha symptoms of fogginess or mental dullness and sinus congestion, you may be using too much or it might be worth switching to a medicated oil. Excessive cleansing Nasya could cause excess Vata in the mind. Reference: Dr. Lad’s Ayurvedic text book.

There is nothing pleasant about the cold or clogged nose. You have difficulty in breathing; your taste sense is hampered, and let’s not forget the headache & exhaustion that follows. Ayurveda has an interesting nasal drop remedy that may aid soothe clogged nose. Ayurvedic experts call it the Nyasa treatment for cold and it involves pouring 2 drops of warm pure cow ghee into the nostrils, 1st thing in the morning. Doing so may provide quick relief as the ghee travels all the way down to the throat & soothes the infection. Make sure, the ghee is pure and warmed to lukewarm temperature. Refer.

Other advantages

  1. Desi ghee works for both obese and thin people as it has a property to balance
  2. All problems during winter and rainy season are due to excessive Kapha. Ghee represents fire in Panchabhutas. Burns Kapha and solves the problem. It increases appetite.

Desi Ghee as nasal drops benefits all organs in the head provided

  1. Its desi cow
  2. The cow is free grazing & fed mostly green grass
  3. Milk boiled in a pot under low heat conditions
  4. Curd is churned manually for makhan and then ghee is prepared.

Conclusion on Ghee Benefits

  • Desi ghee is made by heating (high smoke point) butter to remove the milk solids and water. Thus,  it is heated longer than clarified butter.
  • It is free of lactose and casein, and is high in beneficial compounds like CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) or butyrate.
  • Ghee benefits include improving nourishing skin, digestion ,immune system, reducing inflammation, promoting weight loss and strengthening the bones, etc.
  • As compared to makkan, it has a higher smoke point, more intense flavor, and a greater amount of short and medium chain fatty acids.
  • Ghee contains several fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, E and K.

Ghee is a source of prana and does miracles with problems in nose, ear, forehead, tongue. In Ayurveda, medicines administered via the nasal passages affect the mind, throat, sinus passages, nose, and head area. The Sanskrit term is Nasya (nose) and it is one of the five cleansing techniques used in Panchakarma.  As a therapy, there are different types of Nasya treatment.

  • Cleansing, for indications such as sinusitis, nasal congestion, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease (Kapha blockages)
  • Nutritive, for indications such as insomnia, dizziness, loss of smell, vertigo, nervousness, and fear (Vata disorders)
  • Balancing, for indications such as conjunctivitis, alopecia, psoriasis of scalp and neck, nose bleeds (depends on the dosha).
  • Lubricating, for indications such as neck pain, hair loss, dry eyes, earache, sensitive teeth and neck pain (depends on the dosha).

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The practice – dip the little finger in ghee (make sure to keep your fingernails short) & gently rub the inside of your nostrils in a clockwise direction, then counter-clockwise.  This practice helps to unblock emotions in the respiratory tract, improve your breathing patterns, calm heightened prana in the mind, relax the muscles and induce tranquility. Refer.

Ghee or a general nasya from a reputable manufacturer has a dropper that you can administer 3-5 drops in the nose whilst lying down in a careless position. Sniff deeply and then remain for about a minute whilst the nasya oil (ghee) seeps deep into the nasal passage.  It’s a good idea to lay a pillow or towel under your neck so your head is slightly tilted backward. Sometimes you can lay on the edge of the bed to achieves this posture.

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