Ghee is an integral part of Indian cooking for centuries and must have in most Indian kitchens. In fact, a traditional meal when served, does not get a go ahead to be eaten until cow ghee is drizzled over. Cow ghee has more of a sacred role in the Indian culture than that of a mere food flavor enhancer. It is an unsurpassed choice for lighting lamps used in worshiping and any food offering to God is always sprinkled with Ghee. Ghee is even considered as a sattvic food to nourish the spiritual soul.

Ghee also known as clarified butter, it’s made by heating unsalted butter and removing the milk protein to leave only the clear, golden goodness. Ghee was considered a sacred food by ancient Ayurvedic teachers, due to the health benefits and body-balancing components they believed it contained. In recent years the beneficial compounds within ghee have been supported by modern research, and health foodies all over the world are going ghee-eyed for the stuff.

Health benefits aside, it also makes everything taste better. Desi ghee features heavily in Indian cooking, which explains why those dishes are so incredibly delicious.

Desi Cow ghee is a power food that is now a must-have in your kitchen and here’s why:-

Provides Essential Healthy Fats: Fats play a very important role in providing energy to our body and they are as important as protein and carbs for our proper functioning. Some of the most important roles played by fat in our body are protecting our stomach wall against digestive acids, strengthening our nerves and skin, supporting our brains and nerves, and building cell membranes and strengthening them. Among all the healthy fats ghee is best known to perform these functions with great ease as it consists no hydrogenated oils, oxidized cholesterol, or trans-fats found in butter and other oils.

Provides Essential Vitamins: Ghee is loaded with vitamins A, D, E, and K, all of which are fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins play an important role in the proper functioning of our bones, brain, as well as the heart. Ghee is also rich in healthy fat which helps us absorb these vitamins better.

Helps in Digestion: Unlike its fat sidekicks, ghee does not slow down digestion instead it helps improve digestion. Thanks to its healthy content of butyric acid (a short-chain fatty acid), ghee helps reduce inflammation and supports the stimulation of stomach acid secretion that helps with proper digestion of food.

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Strengthens the Immune System: Ghee is super rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants help your body absorb minerals and vitamins from other foods which in turn helps keep your immune system strong. Ghee also has detoxification properties that help the health of your gut making it an important ally of your immune system. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties also make it an extremely powerful substance that helps fight diseases.

Low in Fat Content: It is a scientifically proven fact that ghee is a healthier option as compared to butter. It is easier to digest as compared to butter and is known to help reduce cholesterol in the intestine as well as the serum. So if you are a patient of cholesterol you should definitely replace your butter with desi ghee.

Nourishes your Skin and Hair: Ghee a common ingredient in your kitchen can now be your skin’s best friend. If you didn’t know this before, ghee helps moisturize your skin and can be used as a body lotion, lip-balm, as well as a cuticle cream. Buy pure cow ghee and

  • Use it as a body lotion during winters and get soft, moisturized skin.
  • Apply overnight on dry lips and get smooth, soft, pout-worthy lips in the morning.
  • Apply warm desi ghee to your hair for an hour before you wash it off with a mild shampoo to get rid of split ends.
  • Prevent your skin from aging rapidly by massaging your face with it every day
  • Apply a thin layer of it around the eyes in the night and get rid of your dark circles in day.
  • Apply desi cow ghee as a salve on burns and rashes for them to heal faster.

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There are several ways to incorporate desi cow ghee in your diet:

  1. Add desi ghee to your dairy-free elixirs.
  2. Melt it over steamed vegetables.
  3. Spread it on your gluten-free bread, muffins, crackers or other baked goods.
  4. Use it as a healthy cooking oil for high-heat cooking like stir-frying, roasting or sauteing.
  5. Boost flavour of gluten-free grains by cooking them with some desi ghee.
  6. Substitute desi ghee in any recipe where you’d normally use butter (baking, macaroni and cheese, popcorn, sandwiches, gluten-free toast, etc).
  7. Add it to savory or sweet oatmeal/porridge.
  8. Use desi ghee in natural beauty care recipes.
  9. Eat it off the spoon.

How to check the purity of Ghee

Method 1

One of the easiest methods you can use to find the impurity of ghee is by heating a teaspoon of ghee in a vessel. If ghee melts immediately & turns dark brownish in colour, then it is pure ghee. If it takes time to melt & turns into light yellow in colour, then it is adulterated.

Method 2

To check the adulteration with coconut oil, melt some cow ghee in a glass jar using the double-boiler method and pour into the glass jar, put this jar in the fridge. If ghee & coconut oil will solidify in separate layers, then the ghee is adulterated else the ghee you are using is pure.

Method 3

Pour a teaspoon of cow ghee in your palm, if it starts to melt by itself than it is pure, otherwise the ghee you are using is adulterated.

Method 4

Heat a tablespoon of cow ghee in a test tube, and add an equal amount of concentrated HCl with a pinch of sugar. Shake well to mix the ingredients. The appearance of pink or red colour in the lower layer shows the sample is adulterated with rancid ghee like vanaspati ghee/hydrogenated oils.

Method 5

Here is another experimental testing of the purity of cow ghee. Just add iodine solution in a small amount of melted ghee. If the iodine solution, which is brown in color, turns purple in color then the ghee is adulterated with starch.

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Which Ghee Should I Buy?

The market today has a plethora of dairy products in the market and ghee of all kinds are readily available. But not all ghee available in the market is good for health. Remember ghee will only benefit you when consumed in its pure form. Natural, handmade ghee will do wonders for your body and mind, but the key is to get your hands on authentic produce.

Suresh Ghee is handmade from Desi Cow Milk of premium quality. It adds flavour to your daily foods and also keeps you fit and healthy. We prepare Suresh Desi Cow  Ghee by Vedic Process, with the help wooden churns and wooden pots to obtain Desi Ghee from Cow Milk fat. The quality and taste of desi ghee depends on the source of the milk used in the process. We obtain Milk from Grass-fed Cow’s which is best source among all. We are known for its super quality, fragrance, taste, high nutritional value and essential health benefits. Our desi cow ghee is 100% toxin free.

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