Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee in Your Diet

Let’s talk about the benefits of desi cow ghee in your diet! Yes, truly ghee is a healthy fat. It is an elixir for me. Ayurveda considers cow ghee to be one of the most important health promoting fat. It is a tridoshic food, which means it balances all body types Vata, Pitta & Kapha. In Ayurveda there are specific remedies for specific situations & body types. However, there are some foods that are suitable for all body types and are known as tridoshic. Desi cow ghee is one of them!

The Truth About the Fat:

Many people have this misconception that fats are bad for their heart health & weight. Contrary to popular belief, not all fats are bad for our health. It all depends on the source of the fat and how it was processed. For now, know this that any vegetable oil, processed and hydrogenated corn, canola, soybean oils are bad for health.

The saturated fat in ghee contains SCFA (short chain fatty acids). The short chain fatty acids are easily assimilated, absorbed and metabolised so they release energy. Our body required both saturated and unsaturated fats in a certain ratio. Ghee is one of the fats that come close to this ratio of having the right amount of saturated & unsaturated fats. It contains about 60% of short chain fatty acids from saturated fats and 27% from monounsaturated fats. Ghee also contain conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) & antioxidants.

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Reasons to Love Desi Cow Ghee:

  • Ghee is pure saturated fat, which has high smoking point.
  • Ghee increases our body strength.
  • It improves vision, mental functions, intelligence and memory.
  • Ghee is also known to improve quality & quantity of semen and enhances digestion.
  • Your brain is made out of 60% fat and it needs great quality fats for nourishment. Ghee is the only fat that supports & nourishes brain tissue and cognitive functioning.
  • When ghee taken with meals, it strengthens the digestive fire or the ‘agni’.
  • Your organs & tissues also need fat for nourishing; Cow ghee has the ability to lubricate the tissues and organs, therefore makes us more flexible. Incredible food for yogis.
  • Desi cow ghee is also the best medium or “anupam” to deliver therapeutic herbs in the body.
  • It promotes vitality and longevity.
  • Ghee can also be applied externally for burns.
  • Desi cow ghee is also used in Ayurvedic cleanses to detoxify the body even from heavy metals.

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Why Desi Cow Ghee is Important For Your Diet ?

Desi ghee is a powerhouse of vitamins & fatty acids which promote good health. It is an ancient remedy for cough, cold & soft skin, but in the last few years, the credibility of saturated fats like ghee has been in question. There are some people who believe that saturated fats are the bad fats, but a recent research & majority of health experts agree that naturally occurring saturated fats present in ghee are actually good for your health.

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Here are amazing health benefits of desi cow ghee:

  • Boosts Energy Levels: Since experts recommend that athletes should use desi cow ghee as a consistent energy source, we can take the same advice. The fatty acids in ghee are quickly processed by the liver & broken into energy. Apart from boosting metabolism and energy levels, desi ghee helps in the body absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, which enhance stamina.
  • Improves Digestive Tract: Ghee is rich in butyric acid. A study reveals that people with unhealthy digestive tract do not naturally produce butyric acid. Since good digestion is a key to good health, it is necessary to incorporate foods rich in butyric acid into your diet to aid digestion. This acid nourishes cells in the intestines, reduces leakage of undigested food particles and helps in the repair of the mucosal wall.
  • Builds Strong Bones: Desi ghee is one of the few foods that are rich in Vitamins, especially Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 helps the body to utilize essential minerals, including calcium and thus improves bone health & development. Also, the right amount of desi cow ghee helps eliminate tooth decay. Another function of desi cow ghee is to keep joints and connective tissues lubricated, increasing flexibility.
  • Immune Booster: Butyric acid is the most important element in ghee, has also been linked to the stimulation of T-cell production, which are the heavy-hitting cells of the immune system. In other words, ghee can supercharge your immune system in addition to all of its other health benefits.
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  • Reduces Inflammation: Butyric acid is one of the major fatty acids that the body needs to fight inflammation, especially in the gastrointestinal tract (GI). Patients suffering from ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or other inflammatory bowel diseases would be advised to include desi ghee in their diet. According to Ayurveda, gently rubbing desi cow ghee on cranky joints can help soothe inflammation, lubricate joints and banish arthritis stiffness.
  • Keeps Your Eyes Healthy: Vitamin A present in ghee improves eye health and reduces several eye-related health problems. This powerful antioxidant reduces the risk of macular degeneration and the development of cataract. The fatty acid in ghee augments the body’s absorption of this important vitamin as well as other nutrients.
  • Heals and Nourishes Body: Desi Cow Ghee is also known for its healing properties. Ghee is the best thing to apply on skin burns or sun burns. We have been hearing elders emphasising to use desi cow ghee for hair as it is it helps to cure dryness and relieves flaky scalps. As the winters arrive, make sure to stock up on your desi cow ghee for skin. It is always recommended since it is considered a great moisturiser that not only heals skin but also cracked lips and heels.

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There are several ways to incorporate desi cow ghee in your diet:

  • Add desi ghee to your dairy-free elixirs.
  • Spread it on your gluten-free bread, muffins, crackers or other baked goods.
  • Use it as a healthy cooking oil for high-heat cooking like stir-frying, roasting or sauteing.
  • Melt it over steamed vegetables.
  • Boost flavour of gluten-free grains by cooking them with some desi ghee.
  • Substitute desi ghee in any recipe where you’d normally use butter (baking, macaroni and cheese, popcorn, sandwiches, gluten-free toast, etc).
  • Add it to savory or sweet oatmeal/porridge.
  • Use desi ghee in natural beauty care recipes.
  • Eat it off the spoon.

How Much Ghee to Consume

If you have not used much oil in your cooking then a teaspoon of desi cow ghee in a meal is considered to be the right amount of ghee consumption.

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