My Love for ‘Desi Cow Ghee’ and its 14 benefits

I still remember my childhood days when my mom used to fry Luchis (pooris) in desi ghee and I simply relished it the divine aroma of ghee. And I equally relish Indian sweets made in pure clarified butter. From halwas to rotis, desi cow ghee is an essential ingredient of almost every Indian cuisine. But apart from being used for cooking, cow ghee has other health benefits as well. One of my favorite natural fats is Ghee, I absolutely LOVE it. For many years now it has been one of my biggest staples in all of my recipes. I will generally always have a back-up bottle of ghee in the kitchen pantry ‘just-in-case’ I ever run out!  Ghee is clarified butter. It is made by heating the butter to separate the water & milk solids which leaves the golden butter fat. What you’re left with is an easily digestible fat that is highly nutritious with a subtle aroma and flavor. It has its origins in India and to this day is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine because of its healing properties.

Before we come to the benefits let’s look at some facts, what science says


Ayurveda says

Among the four kinds of fat namely Ghrita (ghee), Taila (oil), Vasa (fat), Majja (bone marrow). Ayurveda considers GHEE as the best among these. According to Ayurveda, ghee made from cow’s milk promotes memory, intellect & digestion. Ghee also promotes healing of wounds, keeps the skin lustrous and maintains immunity.

Science says

Modern science has discovered that ghee is rich in antioxidants. The fats in ghee helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals from other foods, strengthening the immune system. Ghee is also rich in butyric acid, a fatty acid with anti-viral properties, which is believed to prevent cancers and tumours.

Recent research has also found the presence of linoleic acid in ghee. Linoleic acid retards the growth of some cancers & protects us from heart disease.

According to B S Raheja, the ex-director of All India Institute of Diabetes, the present epidemics of diabetes, heart disease and some cancers is due to not including ghee in our diets.

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Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee

  • Ghee is a source of beta carotene and vitamins A, D, E, & K. Beta carotene and vitamin E are vital antioxidants. Vitamin A is naturally present in ghee, which is lacking in other edible oils.
  • Ghee has no milk solids, lactose or sugars. These get separated out when the butter is made into pure ghee, so it’s good for lactose intolerant people too
  • Desi cow ghee has no additives, preservatives, oxidized cholesterol or trans-fatty acids that clog arteries.
  • Ghee is highly stable and doesn’t go rancid even at room temperature.
  • Ghee or Clarified butter, is significantly more stable and has a higher smoke point than butter. It does not burn at high cooking temperatures. So it is always better to cook in ghee than butter as butter burns very easily.
  • Ghee is primarily saturated fat. One tablespoon of ghee provides 14 gm of saturated fat, 28 mg of cholesterol and roughly 120 calories.
  • Ghee is useful for both external & internal use. Because ghee helps to increase immunity, that subtle essence of tissue that is responsible for life, radiant health, vigour, longevity and overall well being.
  • Slows down ageing process by adding a minimum of desi ghee to your food everyday.
  • It also removes toxins from body & mind.
  • Ghee is beneficial in promoting growth & development in children. It also improves memory and concentration power.
  • Ghee has its healing properties. If used directly on cuts, burns or wounds, it has powerful healing action. It can be used to cure gangrene, ulcers etc.
  • Ghee has antioxidant properties which promotes healthy metabolism and helps weight loss (when used in a moderation).
  • Intake of ghee decrease the cholesterol both in the serum and intestine by triggering an increased secretion of biliary lipids.
  • Ghee is good for nerves & brains. It helps to control eye pressure and is beneficial to glaucoma patients.

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If you don’t have desi ghee in your kitchen, you’re missing out.

It is kind of like butter, only better—actually, it’s clarified butter. Making ghee is really simple. It is made by heating the butter to separate the water, & milk solids which leaves the golden butter fat, all of which takes about 15 minutes. Then you strain out the milk solids that have accumulated at the bottom of the pot and voilà! you have ghee.

Desi cow ghee has medicinal properties and health benefits. Unlike butter, which increases bad cholesterol, ghee’s been shown to lower it. Ghee increases the agni—digestive fire, improves absorption and assimilation.

It also improves memory, strengthens the brain, and nourishes ojas— which is sort of like the Ayurvedic equivalent of immunity. Plus, it’s a sattvic food, meaning it promotes inner peace.

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Ayurveda has been advocating cow ghee for thousands of years, but it’s just now becoming trendy in kitchens. Buy a jar of desi cow ghee, and try it out in these five ways:

1. Use it for cooking

Ghee has a higher smoke point than butter, making it more stable and safer for cooking. Use desi ghee just as you would oil when sautéeing or roasting vegetables.

2. Use it on toast

You can use desi ghee anywhere you would normally use butter. It is lovely on toast, on pancakes, or drizzled over popcorn.

3. Use desi ghee as a natural face moisturizer or eye cream

After washing your face and before bed, dip a spoon into your jar of desi ghee to take out just the tiniest amount. Either gently rub desi ghee around your eyes as an eye cream or massage over your entire face. It’s moistening and relieves dry skin. Plus, it’s aroma alone is very calming.

4. Use it to relieve constipation

Mix one to two teaspoons of desi cow ghee with one cup of milk and gently warm over the stove. Drink before bedtime. Since desi ghee is lubricating, this makes for a gentle way to relieve constipation.

5. Use it to calm anger

If you’re feeling angry or irritated, gently apply a little bit of desi ghee to the insides of your nostrils. Because it’s cooling, soothing & nurturing, it helps to calm the mind with each inhalation.

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