Ghee is good, but what kind should you buy?

Ghee is a type of clarified butter that is traditionally used in Asian cooking. Like butter, ghee is typically made from grass fed cow’s milk. Ghee is made by melting regular butter. The butter separates into liquid fats and solid substance of milk. Once separated, the solid substance of milk are removed, which means that ghee has less lactose than butter. Traditionally, desi ghee has been used as cooking oil, an ingredient in dishes, and in Ayurveda therapies. Desi cow ghee is used in Ayurvedic massage and as a base for herbal ointments to treat burns and rashes.

Nutrition Facts

One tbsp. of ghee has around 135 calories, all of which come from fat. That small amount of ghee has 15 gm of total fat and 9 gm of saturated fat, or 45% of the recommended daily value. A tbsp. of ghee also has 45 mg of cholesterol, or 15% of the daily value. Ghee is free of sodium, fiber, carbohydrates, sugar and protein.


Although ghee is entirely fat, it is also important to note that fat has some essential properties for health and even for weight loss. According to the Centers for Disease Control, fat should make up approximately 20 to 35% of your daily calories. Healthy fats help complete tasks like preserving cell membrane structure, enabling your body to absorb nutrients and encouraging proper immune system function. However, most of ghee’s fat calories come from saturated fat, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) advises limiting total daily calories from saturated fat to a maximum of 10 percent.

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What kind should you buy?

There are many brands in the market which are providing pure ghee online. One of the best pure ghee brand is Suresh Desi Ghee, which they are manufacturing in the most organic way. No doubt the pure word makes it pretty costly but it’s no way precious than your health. Suresh Desi Ghee is handmade from Desi Cow Milk of premium quality. It adds flavour to your daily foods and also keeps you fit and healthy. We prepare Suresh Desi Cow Ghee by Vedic Process, with the help wooden churns and wooden pots to obtain Desi Ghee from Cow Milk fat. The quality and taste of desi ghee depends on the source of the milk used in the process . We obtain Milk from Grass-fed Cow’s which is best source among all. Suresh Desi Ghee is full of Vitamins A, D, E, and K. We (Suresh Desi Ghee) are known for its super quality, smell, taste and, high nutritional value and essential health benefits. Our desi cow ghee is 100% toxin free.

Why the desi cow ghee is costlier than normal ghee?

Desi cow ghee is costly than the ghee prepared with commercial method where companies use machines and chemicals to prepare desi ghee. In vedic ghee making process we make ghee by ayurvedic churned method and as we have mentioned above 27-28 Liters of milk is used to make just 1 KG of ghee plus manual labour. Which make pure ghee price little costly than the other ghee available in the market. You should only buy pure, authentic and verified desi ghee. That is more important than the brand. Suresh Desi Ghee backs all its products and processes with unconditional & upfront guarantee. Making it among the most confident concepts.

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Some Reasons to Incorporate Ghee Into Your Diet

Is a Great Source of Butyrate

Desi ghee is a great sources of naturally occurring butyrate in our diet. Butyrate, or butyric acid, is a short-chain fatty acid (SCFAs) that acts as a detoxifier, it’s anti-inflammatory and improves colon health. It’s been shown to support healthy insulin levels and may be helpful for individuals suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Basically ghee is great for your guts.

Hormone Balance

We must consume sources of cholesterol-rich saturated fats like desi ghee to provide the building blocks for sex hormones, including testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone. The cholesterol, vitamins A and K2 found in ghee also plays an important role in hormone synthesis and toxin detox.

It is Packed Full of Fat-Soluble Vitamins (A, D, E, K)

Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed with fat and stored in the gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract) — and they are essential to maintaining a healthy metabolism and required for so many different biochemical processes within the body. Vitamins A and E have been shown to act as powerful antioxidants, and Vitamin A and D are critical in immune function as well as in bone health and development. Ghee also contains a uniquely absorbable form of Vitamin D that helps with the proper functioning of the synapses (a junction between two nerve cells) in the brain. Vitamin A plays an important role in our liver health, fertility, hormone balance and long-lasting energy. Ghee also contains Vitamin K2 which is important for the body to help utilise minerals, including calcium.

Helps Fight Illnesses

Ghee contains both anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties making it a great way to boost your immune system and also protects us from infection, especially in the digestive tract. It also helps heal minor disease like stomach upset or cold and flu.

It Has a Stable Shelf-Life

Ghee can stay in your kitchen pantry for up to a month once it has been opened, and it lasts in the fridge for about 7/8 months. This is due to the lack of moisture in the oil. Make sure to store your ghee in a sealed jar away from heat.

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