6 Benefits Of Consuming Desi Cow Ghee Empty Stomach Every Morning

Every person has a habit of eating or drinking something after getting up from the bed. It can be a glass of lukewarm water with honey or lemon, which helps you to stay healthy. It can also be a cup of tea to start your daily routine. People often choose a home remedy to clean up the system & stay healthy. It is the first thing you eat/consume when your stomach is empty.

The list might have the things that are common but no one will think of having desi cow ghee right away in the early morning. Some people often say that consumption of ghee, which is full of fat and protein, can cause digestive problems. Despite the conventional beliefs, Ayurveda suggests consuming desi cow ghee when your stomach is empty. Ghee adds a fragrance & flavour to your traditional dishes. In fact, it is also used for the purpose of Puja, Yagna, and other holy rituals.

Eating ghee or clarified butter, first thing in the morning makes the nourishing juice called Rasa. According to the Ayurvedic Medicine, cow ghee lubricates every tissue and every cell in your body. Also, cow ghee builds the immune system, which is called Ojas in Ayurveda.

Rasa is the source of nutrition for every cell in the body. It contains five elements: space, air, fire, water & earth. Good Rasa shows in a glowing & soft skin. It gives a healthy shine. When Rasa is balanced we experience clear perception, faith & love; when Rasa is out of balance, we feel sad and confused. A tablespoon of desi cow ghee every morning with hot water can provide you with a lot of health benefits.

You must wait to eat anything for half an hour after consuming desi ghee.

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Benefits of consuming desi cow ghee empty stomach every morning

Cell functioning booster: According to the Vedas, Rasa is an essential part that nourishes the entire cell. It also connects all the cells together. Eating ghee also nourishes the cells.

In fact, it also help in the process of cell rejuvenation and promotes the healing process of a body.

Skin glow: It is said that the natural beauty of a person comes from the inside. No matter how much you apply cosmetics, your skin will not be healthy if you are not eating properly. The regular consumption ghee first in the morning will nourish the cells and rejuvenate your skin properly.

The collagen formation under your skin will be boosted & the wrinkles will disappear. Your skin will remain moisturised and look supple.

Prevention of arthritis and joint pain: It is a natural lubricating agent. When consumed, ghee promotes the formation of lubricants in the bone joints and elevates calcium absorption in bones.

It is full of omega-3 fatty acids that prevent osteoporosis. The tissues in your bone joints will be healthy lifelong.

Lower your cholesterol: The ideal way to lower the level of bad cholesterol in your blood is via consuming desi cow ghee every morning. It contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that helps in removing the bad cholesterol from your system.

Your cardiovascular system will remain absolutely healthy. Hence, your blood pressure level will also be stable.

Brain cell activity: Fat is essential to maintain proper health of the brain cells. Ghee is the proper source of essential fats that keep your brain cells working & active.

The proteins from ghee help in the formation of neurotransmitters and keep the nerve endings properly active. Your memory will improve too.

Forget lactose intolerance: Those people who can’t process milk protein; they can consume ghee without any worry and enjoy the benefits of milk.

Enjoy the greatness of desi cow ghee every morning and stay sharp and healthy.

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Consuming a teaspoon of ghee daily on an empty stomach will help you lose weight

Experts say that ghee actually aid you lose weight. “The butyric acid & medium chain triglycerides in ghee help in mobilising stubborn body fat and getting rid of it. Ghee can also help in increasing good HDL (High-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. If you do not wish to go overboard with it, consume 2-3 teaspoons (10-15ml) of cow ghee daily for optimum benefits. Having too much of ghee can turn it into unwanted fats & bad for your health. “If you consume hydrogenated ghee will lead to thickening of arteries, accumulation of fats in body & decreased metabolism.

Experts recommends having a teaspoon of cow ghee on an empty stomach early in the morning or to cook a meal for the day in ghee. “Given its high smoke point, you can use it for any type of cooking — from sautéing to deep-frying or even have it raw. Desi cow ghee mixed with milk nourishes the bones, muscle & the nervous system. Cow ghee can be applied over roti or mixed with dal-rice khichdi to enhance the flavour of the food as well.

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According to ayurveda why eat desi ghee empty stomach in morning:

  • It creates Rasa the first nourishing juice in morning.
  • The nourishing juice nourished and strengthens all the tissues.
  • It lubricates the joints, stop cracking and popping joints by removing excess Vasa.
  • Ghee removes dryness of the skin by hydrating the skin internally
  • Eat 5 to 10 gm of desi ghee, as it’s best for the body to absorb slowly and can be taken for a long period of time.
  • Ghee has amazing quality to lubricate the gastrointestinal tract, all tissues and removes toxins called Ama.

How to eat ghee in the morning?

  • Take a spoonful of desi ghee. Gently warm the spoon which has the desi ghee, so the ghee becomes liquid.
  • Drink spoonful of ghee.
  • After eating desi ghee on an empty stomach, one should wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything.
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