Ghee- Why is it an important part of your diet?

Ghee is a spoonful of health and benefit in one’s diet plan. From olden days it is believed that ghee has dominated the Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. Traditionally, ghee was made by cows or buffalo’s milk. The milk is churned into butter and then boiled, to remove the moisture content present in it. And here, your cow ghee is ready to use. It has a great nutty flavoured taste with an amazing bold aroma. It is stored at room temperature in dry airtight containers for long time (usually until it does not change in odour or appearance).

Use of organic ghee in the food items, is reflected as a symbol of richness and health benefit even today. It is a powerhouse of vitamins, acids and energy which promotes good health. India is one of the largest producer as well as consumer of desi ghee. It not only enhances the taste of the food but also adds on to the fitness and health of the individual. So, you can buy the best grass fed ghee at our online store to take the atmost benefit of eating ghee. Visit the website to know more.

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Reap the benefits of using organic desi cow ghee in your daily diet. Here are a few benefits of eating ghee. If you are not using the best desi ghee then here are the reasons on why you should start using it due to the health benefits –

Cooking and Taste

  1. Ghee has a very high smoking point, which produces much less acrylamide, a toxic component when heated. It has stable saturated bonds and so is less likely to form dangerous free radicals. Thus, you can cook and fry any food, with organic ghee in your day-to-day diet.
  2. Ghee can be easily stored for a longer time period (usually until its appearance or odour is changed) in airtight containers. It need not be kept in refrigerators, but if you are storing the cow ghee for over 3 months it is better to store in refrigerator (without much contact to moisture) for a safer side.
  3. As desi cow ghee provides a great flavor to the food and also has a bold aroma, it enhances the taste of food as it is grass fed ghee.

Boosts energy

  1. Replacing carbohydrates with healthy fats like Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCTs) such as those contained in ghee can upgrade your health in several ways. It contains more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) a polyunsaturated fat. It enhances the mitochondrial function of the body and is rich in nutrients.
  2. As the ghee contains medium chain fatty acids which is absorbed by the liver and burnt easily, making it a healthier source of energy.

Positive mind

  1. As cow is considered as holy in the Indian culture, it is said that the milk from cow has all the essence of energy and positivity. And ghee too is an essence of milk.
  2. Ghee is considered to be a sattvic food, which promotes positive mind, good health and personal growth.
  3. Researchers claim that negative emotions have a chemical composition, in which chemicals get stored in unhealthy fats. As grass fed ghee is a healthy fat, it does not foster these emotions.

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  1. Ghee activates the release of gastric acid, which in turn results in better digestion and increase in appetite. It does not slow down digestion like oil or butter etc.
  2. Researchers claim that people with unhealthy digestive tract do not produce butyric acid. As butyric acid is present in ghee, it heals the digestive tract and helps in easy digestion of the food.

Weight management

  1. Benefits of eating ghee can also help for weight management. Nutritionists and doctors believe that, organic ghee is loaded with essential amino acids. It helps in burning the fat cells to provide energy to the body and thus it becomes the perfect food to consume while trying to lose weight. Omega-6 fatty acids helps to increase lean body mass and reduce fat mass, which in turn helps to lose weight.

  1. You can also use best desi ghee to gain weight as it has calories and fat. It depends on how much grass fed ghee you consume everyday; when the number of calories your body requires exceeds the number your body will gain weight.

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Loaded with vitamins

  1. In the India Medical Gazette, it is stated by G. Karmakar from the Dept. of Biochemical, Nutrition and Physiological Hygiene, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta that ghee has Vitamin A which forms the chief source basically in  the Indian food diet. Vitamin A helps in the proper functioning of the lungs,heart and kidney etc. It also important for normal vision, immune system and reproduction.
  2. Ghee has heart healthy saturated fats which also produces Vitamin  B12 in the body which does not cause any harmful effect to the heart.
  3. Adding ghee to your food will provide Vitamin D, which helps you to maintain healthy and strong bones; it may also help you in overcoming conditions like cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
  4. Grassfed ghee contains high nutrient Vitamin K2. Consuming calcium makes your bones strong and healthy, but the calcium wont strengthen your bones until it is accomplished with Vitamin K2. So ghee adds on to the benefit of having strong and healthy bones and teeth.
  5. It has fat soluble nutrient, Vitamin E which boosts immune system and also promotes anti-aging. Make use of the ghee nutrition by consuming grass fed ghee.

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The benefits of eating ghee can also help you feel beautiful with the best possible skin care.

Skin, beauty, hair

  1. Ghee is a natural moisturizer, thus it gives glow to your skin and keeps it soft.
  2. By applying ghee on your face before you sleep, can help to lighten the dark spots, dark circles, brighten your skin and hydrate dry skin.
  3. It is suitable for all skin types and does not cause any harm or infection to the skin. Now the question is- where to buy the best desi ghee? You can get cow ghee from our online store which is prepared by grass fed cow to know the benefits of eating ghee.
  4. Ghee is also used for curing cracked heels,  chapped lips.
  5. By applying ghee to your hair, you can get rid of splitends.
  6. Ghee also acts as a conditioner to your hair and stimulates the growth of hair.
  7. Consumption of cow ghee slows down skin aging and helps you to have a healthy youthful skin.The best desi ghee to make use of the desi cow ghee benefits is Suresh Desi Ghee.

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  1. Organic ghee is widely used for treating burns and swelling in various parts of your body.
  2. It also helps in reducing inflammation on skin.
  3. Cold and cough is also cured by a simple home made remedy, where you can warm tulsi paste with ghee and intake it for instant relief.
  4. Netra tarpana is an Ayurvedic eye treatment where your eye is bathed in warm desi ghee. Flour and water are used to make a dough which is arranged around your eye, so that it will create a seal around the eye and the ghee doesn’t leak out of the intended area.

Isn’t it amazing, that you can get so many immense benefits by consuming the best desi ghee in your everyday diet? Just by a simple method, that is using organic ghee in your daily diet can help you to have a complete package of good health and personal care. Just see to that, you don’t end up consuming too much of ghee, than required. These benefits of eating ghee can be obtained by regular consumption. Ghee is an incredibly versatile and is easy to use as it can replace other fats in your diet.

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